About Us
Travell School is one of six elementary schools in Ridgewood, New Jersey, located approximately 20 miles northwest of New York City. Our student body consists of 417 students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Our mission is to educate and challenge all of our students to realize their full potential as lifelong learners. We seek to develop self-confident and capable individuals, as well as to nurture them to become caring, tolerant and responsible citizens.

The Language Arts program and staff development initiatives are committed to developing a literate student body. Travell is a project school of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. Our teachers work with literacy experts and one another to differentiate language arts instruction using the workshop model. Children regularly publish personal narratives, poems, essays and non-fiction pieces as part of the Writing Workshop. In the Reading Workshop, students read self-selected, leveled trade books so that they read with accuracy, fluency and comprehension for extended periods of time. 

The mathematics program at Travell Elementary School combines the practice of traditional skills with a series of problem solving exercises. The goal is for students to apply their knowledge of mathematics to life situations in an accurate, efficient, and thoughtful manner. Enrichment activities, as well as support programs, provide the children with a challenging experience in mathematics. 

The science program is designed to create an exciting learning experience that fosters a spirit of wonder, curiosity and collaboration. An inquiry-based science program gives Travell students opportunities to formulate hypotheses, collect data, take notes, graph information, and reach conclusions. 

The social studies, art and music programs seek to impart an understanding of our nation’s ideals and traditions, as well as to develop an understanding of world cultures and history through the study of cultures, music and the arts. Grade level teams create units of study designed to allow children to experience the traditions of others and life in the past. Infused in all lessons is the importance of showing respect to individuals and groups. 

Social and emotional learning, as well as health and physical education are of equal importance to our academic goals. Our wellness approach teaches students how to balance all areas of their lives and take care of their health. Our teachers are trained facilitators of the Open Circle Curriculum initiated by the Stone Center at Wellesley College. The program recognizes the critical role that relationships play in the social development and academic success of children. 

This year, the Travell community went into action to organize and raise the funds needed to bring a new 21st century library to Travell. As a result of the community’s efforts, the library has new carpet, paint, tables and chairs, a computer work station, a circulation desk, a flat screen TV and a SMART Board. The new layout now allows for the school to maximize its space, capitalize on flow and create a wonderful space for children to read, grow, and learn. 

In 2005, the Travell Elementary School expansion project was completed. The addition includes three kindergarten classrooms, several small group instruction areas and a multi-purpose room. The expansion project allows for the broadening of special education services. Currently, Travell’s special education programs range from self-contained special education classrooms to support services within the regular education classroom. The new wing allows for improved space for therapeutic and related services, which include occupational therapy and physical therapy. 

Parent involvement in the programs and activities at Travell is an integral part of the overall success of our school. The Home and School Association supports many of the co-curricular and enrichment programs offered to our students. Parent volunteers help in the art and library programs, as well as coordinate activities such as the book fair, science fair, and Wintertime Travell Lunchtime Courses. The children benefit greatly from the dedicated efforts of parents and their partnership with the school. 

Travell School’s faculty members are deeply committed to their profession, their professional growth and to the students they serve. They work tirelessly to integrate academic disciplines to create authentic learning situations and a culturally rich learning environment for the children. 

In a constantly changing world and fast-moving society that can become impersonal, we strive to provide an outstanding educational program in a caring environment that encourages academic excellence, mutual respect, honesty and appreciation for cultural diversity. 

Margy Leininger 
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